Strawberry Creek Restoration

Duration: 7/15/14-10/5/14
Owner(s): Redwood National Park and PCFWWRA
Original Contract Amount:  $499,000.00
Final Contract Amount: $560,000.00
Description: The principal objective of this project was to effect resource conservation and rehabilitation of salmonid habitat through sediment reduction planning and watershed rehabilitation in the Redwood Nations State Park (RNSP) and on private lands in the Redwood Creek Basin.  These efforts were valuable and necessary for the protection and enhancement of resources found in the basin and throughout RNSP.  In partnership with Pacific Coast Fish Wetland, Wildlife Restoration Association (PCFWWRA) we were able to excavate a new stream channel and reroute existing water sources to the new channel, and install wood structures within the stream channel and wetland area.  The work also included putting in an earth damn and gravity bypass and pumping water north of the proposed channel.  Installing a temporary access road as well as clearing grubbing the channel.  Dredged river run was stockpiled for the construction of the planting mounds.  Special equipment was used to bridge the marshy soil.  The bypass road was excavated and a 103” x71” culvert was installed, while water was rerouted.  The final section of the project included installing burlap on the planting mounds and topped with mulch.
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