Luffenholtz Source Water Protection Project

Duration: 07/09/2013-9/5/14
Owner(s) and Partners in the project: City of Trinidad, Green Diamond Resource Company, California Department of Health
Original Contract Amount:  $1,154,140.00
Final Contract Amount: 1,213,063.88
Project Description: Work consisted of activities in sensitive environments subject to CDFW 1600, RWQCB 401 and 402 permitting as well as SWPPP plan adherence.  In addition, the scope included: surveying, installing (2) new steel bridges, bridge abutments, decommissioning of existing logging reads and stream crossings, culvert replacement, bridge crossing, temporary and permanent erosion control, new culvert placement, rock blasting, critical dips, rocked rolling dips, making of aggregate, installing new aggregate base, building (2) new roads, roadway excavation, abandoning exiting road, temporary traffic control, installation of armored culverts, installation of rip/rap and 7” minus rock on slopes, and installing access barriers in order to decrease sedimentation into the main water source for the City of Trinidad.  This project also encompassed adherence to the Best Management Practices outlined in Green Diamond's Master Agreement for Timber Operations and Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan in order to develop channels that function in a way that do not carry sedimentation that decreases fish habitats or other designated species in the Luffenholtz watershed.  
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