Habitat Restoration

Restoration work can often be challenging due to the fact that you are trying to restore an environment back to its preexisting habitat after it has been severely impacted due to weather and human conditions. The opportunities for being able to perform environmental restoration work are rewarding. McCullough Construction views habitat restoration as an "art" and we have a highly experienced work force that ensures work completed is of the highest quality of sustainability by following sound ecological forest restoration principles.

McCullough Construction has become known in the habitat restoration industry for quality, experience, and the ability to stay within budget.

Restoration on private land requires outreach to landowners to ensure they are provided with the information about the ecological importance of their lands within the context of the larger landscape. McCullough Construction's personal touch and connection to the community encourages cooperation with government agencies.

McCullough Construction's fleet includes specialized equipment to meet a variety of requirements for wetland restoration projects. Our restoration projects include large scale excavation, replacing stream crossings and drain structures to decease erosion and sedimentation, installing large wood debris, and dewatering channels.

We specialize in removing existing soil, reconstituting saturated soil and replacing soil, dewatering, erosion control, sediment saving measures, rip/rap, and creating fish habitat.

Examples of our restoration projects include: