Graham Bar Bank Stabilization

Duration: 8/17/15-9/3/15
Owner(s): Granite Construction Co.
Contract Amount: $63,844.60
Description:  Located in Arcata, CA, the Graham Bar Bank Stabilization project consisted of major work in a stream channel habitat. We used typical aquatic habitat restoration techniques while using irregular natural materials such as bark-removed log posts, live willow stakes, and biodegradable coir mat. McCullough Construction removed existing asphalt/portland cement concrete ramp and culverts. We then used precision and accuracy to place multiple logs in the stream bed to construct habitat and channel stabilization. We constructed a Bankline RSP lined with a Rock Slope Protection Fabric. Extensive BMP's were implemented into this project to ensure all waterways were clean and controlled, a few we used were: Straw Mulch, Native Mix of Seed Mulch, and Fiber Rolls. We implemented a temporary turbidity curtain to keep the majority of the sediment out of the waterway. We constructed a ballast comprised of native gravel, salvaged aluminum, and imported rock intermixed with layers of vegetative slash- limbs, bark, twigs, and small branches.
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