Del Norte County Regional Airport- On Site Mitigation Project

Owner(s): Border Coast Regional Airport Authority
Contract Amount: $839,018.00
Description: In this two stage project at the Jack McNamara Field airport in Crescent City, McCullough Construction Inc. started with a Runway Safety Area Short-Leaved Evax Plant Translocation, which included: removing and relocating Short-Leaved Evax topsoil, installing a entrance and access road to the job site, hand and mechanically removal of invasive European Beach Grass (Ammophila), disposing of Ammophila by burying in a pit within the limits of the Evax relocation site, rough and finish (hand) grading, installing a gravel layer at the EVAX relocation site, hand spreading the Evax topsoil at the relocation site, broadcast seeding within the limits of disturbance in the EVAX replacement area. In the second portion of this project, we worked at the Point Saint George Western Lily Management Area, this work included: working with a federally endangered species, Installing temporary vegetation protection fencing, installing entrances and access roads to the job site, mowing vegetation around those roads, removal of riparian vegetation along drainage ditches and water bodies, using a long-reach excavator to protect endagered species while removing unwanted vegetation  install other water pollution control Best Management Practices, clear trees, mow vegetation to enhance exsisting endangered Western Lily habitat, broadcast seeding vegetation removal areas.
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